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Accident Management

Things get pretty complicated after you have had an accident.

You need to sort out and resolve things such as;

  • Collecting statements from everybody and take pictures to assess possible liability
  • You will need to get insurance information from third parties
  • If the incident has left your vehicle unfit for driving, you will need to get it removed from the scene
  • You will need to contact the responsible insurer to start the claims process
  • You will need to arrange replacement vehicles to enable you to keep on the road
  • If drive-able you will need to get the vehicle to the place of repair (and then get it back!)
  • If your insurer has a back log you may need to monitor and chase the progress of the repair.

With DriverCare you make one phone call to our 24/7 incident room, they will then;

  • Allocate you your own dedicated accident manager, who will take control at the scene
  • Take statements from all parties and in 80% of cases make a correct initial assessment of liability
  • In contested liability notify all insurance parties
  • Regardless of fault provide replacement vehicles free of charge, if needed delivered to the roadside where the incident occurred
  • Collect damaged vehicles from anywhere in the UK
  • Through third party intervention limit the claim against if the incident looks like being an ‘at fault’ incident
  • Manage the entire claims process
  • Excess payment is included as part of membership, so repair begins immediately.

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