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Commercial Fleet Specialists

Commercial Fleet Specialists

Edenbridge Accident Repair Group (EARG) has developed a suite of unique services designed to recognise the specific needs that fleets have over and above those needs of in individual private drivers.

In 2000 EARG began offering fleets their new accident management service FleetCare Solutions. Offering fleets……

Since then the service has grown evolved into an accident management company in its own right – FleetCare Solutions Limited, which works with many of the UK’s prominent Insurance Companies and Brokers. FleetCare now looks after over 10,000 vehicles across the whole of the UK.

The service is Refreshingly Different to that offered by other accident management Companies, by being part of the Edenbridge Group, that makes its money from ‘straightening bent metal,, we are able to fund our fault services, through our non-fault recovery.

Our mechanical division offers a similar level of service, with fleets enjoying the provision of replacement commercial vehicles, when theirs are being repaired and an emphasis on minimising the impact of repairs on the operations of a business.

Our focus is on keeping your staff doing what they should be doing and reduce the time and money you spend on fleet accident management and administration.

We encourage all of our commercial customers to visit our workshops and see for themselves first hand our operation, most are surprised with the professionalism of the operation.

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