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We keep your people going even when their vehicles don’t

Saving you time

Forget the initial disruption…

The ongoing management of incidents can take up an enormous amount of your employees time… Which costs money.

You could argue that your insurance company will deal with all this sort of stuff, but if you go down this route you will find you have surrendered control of the process and now have people responsible for keeping the claim to a minimum, being the same people who you buy your insurance from – Of course they will do their best to keep the premiums low.


So what do you get?

  • Seamless management of process from roadside to return
  • FleetCare will take control of any incident against pre-agreed procedures to ensure there is no erroneous admission of liability and information is collected efficiently and correctly
  • Full claims submission and handling with appropriate insurance company
  • Manage the return of damaged vehicle to fleet and return of any replacement vehicle
  • FleetCare will provide ISO certified documentation for inclusion in existing H&S and QMS documentation

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