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We keep your people going even when their vehicles don’t

Lower Your Costs

The three things which will effect your companies insurance premium, (even if you have an arrangement where fees are fixed for a set period) are the financial cost of all claims during the preceding year, the actual claim frequency (regardless of fault) and finally being able to demonstrate that you have identified and managed potential risk.

FleetCare membership attacks all of these, meaning that our members have seen their premiums fall year on year.


  • No hire costs incurred to keep your drivers on the road, ever again
  • Proactive third party intervention on at fault incident to stop costs escalating from protracted vehicle hire and the involvement of other parties in ‘boosting’ the claim
  • Reduced Telematics’ costs, on both installation and ongoing subscription, plus monthly overview of Telematics data
  • Ensure correct procedures are followed by drivers when involved in an incident to ensure there is no admission of unnecessary liability
  • Rental costs recovered directly from third parties in no fault incidents

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