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Nobody likes accidents, but with DriverCare you at least have somebody on your side!

Terms and Conditions


Edenbridge Crashcare are hereby authorised and directed to act upon any past, ongoing matters connected to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Regulated Activities to present, represent and act for and on my behalf in all and any  FCA activities I report to Edenbridge Crashcare.

Any facsimile of these instructions is to be treated with the same authority as the original seeking they act for and on my behalf.

Edenbridge Crashcare is my authorised and appointed Insurance Intermediary until further notice.

More Detailed Information

We very much hope your will chose the unique ‘Edenbridge Crashcare – One Stop Shop’ and all the services and support The Edenbridge Crashcare Group provides to ensure you receive all the benefits and not lose out to any insurer involved for something which was not your fault or where your own insurance company is being unfair to you in order to reduce the amounts you are lawfully and legitimately entitled to receive.

This general information document explains the many and varied services The Edenbridge Crashcare Group will be able to provide and we hope a high level of general information of what we will do for you and any injured party and/or vulnerable individual at this difficult time.

All the companies working within The Edenbridge Crashcare Group seek to provide customers with the highest possible levels of compliance to all the relevant consumer protection laws and the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.

This we hope maintains our much envied position as one of the best providers of Regulated Claims Management. We also include what is known as a ‘Disclosure of Status’ document.

This confirms what we do, what we don’t do, what happens if we make any errors or omissions and the contact details of the; Ministry Of Justice, Claims Management Regulator (MoJ, CMR), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who all regulate differing areas of Edenbridge Crashcare’s business.

We also  detail the contact details of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) who will compensate (subject to  their rules and regulations) any consumer should Edenbridge Crashcare not be able to pay any claim against Edenbridge Crashcare.

Edenbridge Crashcare also operates with Professional Indemnity Insurance which provides up to £2,000,000.00 of cover for any  claim against Edenbridge Crashcare. We also provide the contact details of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) who will  consider any complaint against Edenbridge Crashcare from one of its customers should Edenbridge Crashcare not resolve any complaint to  the customer’s satisfaction. Edenbridge Crashcare will also make Formal Complaints for and on behalf of its customers against  any insurance company that fails to act appropriately and/or in breach of the Rules and Regulations of the FCA.

For many individuals it is a very difficult time following any ‘Road Traffic Collision’ or ‘Incident’ as most people have enough going on in their lives without having to deal with the added problems of matters they are unfamiliar with. Edenbridge Crashcare aim to eliminate the normal stress and problems associated with dealing with insurers.

Upon completion of the attached Accident Report Form and the other forms, in conjunction with other companies within The Edenbridge Crashcare Group you will quickly receive a replacement vehicle comparable to your own.

Edenbridge Crashcare’s team of qualified Paralegals and skilled and trained Claims Handlers will swiftly work for you to sort out every aspect of the incident with your best interests in mind. Edenbridge Crashcare will always seek to obtain for you the best possible and reasonable settlement. We will always advise you independently of insurance companies and their much reported conduct of seeking to cut the lawful, legitimate and proper amounts of claims via their ‘claims capping’  conduct which is carried out to add profit for insurers. Edenbridge Crashcare will copy to you all the correspondence sent for and  on your behalf to ensure you are kept informed. Edenbridge Crashcare works with associated companies within The Edenbridge Crashcare Group to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’.


Eden Recovery will facilitate the safe recovery and storage (or parking) of your damaged vehicle. Eden Recovery will pay any existing recovery charges you may have incurred under the Police Recovery Scheme. These are  statutory charges incurred when the Police have to arrange for the removal of your vehicle from the highway.  Edenbridge Crashcare will add any charges incurred under the Police Recovery Scheme to their invoice for the work  they do.


Edenbridge Accident Repair Centre will provide an expert estimate or quote to repair your vehicle or expert confirmation that your vehicle is so badly damaged it is obviously far beyond physical and/or an economic  repair. Edenbridge Accident Repair Centre charges will be added to the value of your claim.


Bridge Autos produce expert assessment of the repair costs for your vehicle or the pre-accident value of your vehicle if it is has been damaged beyond economic repair. When a vehicle is likely to cost more to repair than its value it is more commonly known as an ‘insurance write-off’.


In these circumstances Bridge Autos’ loss assessor will produce a report upon the open market value of your vehicle prior to the incident. The report will not reduce the value of your vehicle unfairly by valuing it at ‘trade price’ or ‘bottom book’ to enable any insurance company to save money or make extra profits. Your vehicle will be valued as if it were available in the open market and the value will be as if it were being sold to a willing buyer by a willing seller.


Should any insurer dispute the cause of the damage to your vehicle or some aspects of how your vehicle was damaged at the location of the incident, Bridge Autos will prepare more expert reports. These will detail how the damage was caused to your vehicle and of the incident location. The report upon the damage to your vehicle is known as a ‘Causation Report’. The report upon the road layout or location of the incident is known as a ‘Locus Report’. The charges for the work they do for and on your behalf are added to the value of your claim.


Edenbridge CrashCare will also produce experts’ reports upon any reduction in the open market value of your vehicle following any completed repairs. This is known as a ‘diminution report. The repairs to your vehicle will be of the highest standards. In law your vehicle may well have a reduced open market value because it has been involved in an incident that has required it to be repaired. Diminution in value is assessed as if you were looking to buy a vehicle and there were two identical vehicles with the same mileage and the same colour with the same extras or features. If one had been repaired after an accident it is likely it would only be sold for a lesser amount of money compared to the other which had not  ever  been repaired or suffered accident damage. The reduction in value it has incurred is a ‘diminution’ or reduction in value. This ‘reduction in value’ is an amount of money that will be passed to you in addition to your vehicle being repaired to the highest standards. The charges for the work to report upon any diminution in value to your vehicle will be completed for and on your behalf and is added to the value of your claim.


The replacement vehicle provided to you while your own is ‘off the road’ will be a hire vehicle and will be arranged for and on your behalf by Edenbridge Crashcare. It will be insured under a fully comprehensive policy which will allow you to drive and any other person who usually used your vehicle. Edenbridge Crashcare will also provide and arrange to protect you from any ‘residual liability’ should the full costs of the hire charges not be paid by the insurer responsible or awarded by any court.


There will not be any separate charge for arranging comprehensive insurance cover while driving any one of the hire vehicles. There may well be an additional charge to the normal hire charges for higher risk drivers which will be detailed upon the hire agreement. These will be included within your claim against the other party and their insurer. There will also be additional charges for estate vehicles, for tow-bars or other fitments but we will agree any charges with you and include them in your claim against the other party involved


You are 100% protected by Edenbridge Crashcare Group’s assurances and guarantees which we provide & arrange for you so you will not have to find any money to cover these costs and charges should they not be awarded by any court. This may be the provision of an After The Event (ATE) insurance product.


All contact with your own and the other driver’s or party’s insurers will be made by Edenbridge Crashcare for and on your behalf.


Edenbridge Crashcare will appoint an expert solicitor to recover full injury compensation to you and the solicitor will act upon your instructions liaising with Edenbridge Crashcare for their expert advice. The solicitor will be able to  accurately calculate and advise you of the value of any compensation for any injuries and other financial  losses or liabilities you have incurred because of the collision or incident.


Between Edenbridge Crashcare and any appointed solicitor there will be the appointment of medical experts to assess and report upon any injury (physical, psychological or otherwise) you may have sustained from the  collision or incident.